Responsible God?

"God is more tall than the man. Why do you take issue with him? Because of none of his actions he does not report. Because God once speaks, and twice - and we are not careful there." Job 33:12-14
          When everything goes of fault, God is often indicated as the person in charge. What I made to the good God to have had this accident, to have contracted this disease? As it is said. When everything goes well, generally we do not award him to God. We do not often hear: God is good, I am healthy, I am lacking nothing. When everything goes wrong, it is a God whom we accuse; when everything goes well it is a due, or it is thanks to me. The happiness it is me, the misfortune it is him. Let us be honest! And if the happy circumstances of our life also came from him? Thanked him to you for the well-being, the comfort or the food of today?

          The humanity rejected the God of kindness by crucifying Jesus, his Son. "They made me the evil for the good, and the hatred for my love" (psalm 109:5). After such an insult, God would have been able to precipitate the guilty humanity into the misfortune.

           But no! That we are overcome by our bad behavior, or on the contrary satisfied to have made the praiseworthy acts, God likes us all. Not on the basis of the fact that we are, but of what he made, he, for beings which deserved its judgment and its condemnation; and it is there that appears the difference. "God is love. This was shown God's love for us: it is because God sent his Only son to the world, so that we lived by him; in this is love: no in the fact that we loved God, but in what what liked him us and that it sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins", that is to erase them (1 Jean 4:8-10).

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