Simon Pierre Ésaïe and

"The Christ Jesus came in the world to save the sinners." 1 Timothée 1:15
      - The prophet Ésaïe has a vision: he sees Eternal sat on a throne in God's temple. Angels, full of respect, proclaim its holiness and its majesty Ésaïe realize while he is a sinner and exclaims: "Woe to I, because I am lost!" (Ésaïe 6:1-7).
      - Simon Pierre, the follower, went fishing all night long unsuccessfully, but Jesus invites him to throw again his nets, in broad daylight. Simon obeys, and fishes stream. He throws itself then in the knees of Jesus and exclaims: "Withdraw from me, Lord, because I am a man sinner" (Luc 5:8).
      These two scenes show remarkable resemblance.
     The holiness and the majesty of the Eternal bring Ésaïe to become aware of the fact that he is lost. The power of Jesus leads Simon to declare that he is a sinner.
     It confirms what all the Bible asserts: the Eternal, which fills the temple of its glory, and Jesus, the companion of modest fishermen of Galilee, are the same person. Jesus and the Eternal of the Old Testament are only one! The evangelist Jean declares that Ésaïe saw the glory of Jesus (Jean 12:41).
     In the presence of Jesus, Simon exclaims: "Withdraw from me" and nevertheless approaches him and throws itself in his feet! Then Jesus reassures him and calms him(it) by these words: "be not afraid". Jesus did not come to frighten us by his divine size, nor to condemn us. He brought "the grace and the truth" (Jean 1:17).

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