Social injustice

Social injustice
"Somebody says [to Jesus] of the environment of the crowd: master, tell to my brother to share with me the inheritance. But he tells him: man, who established me on you to be your judge and to make your divisions? Then he tells them: Watch out, and beware of any miserliness." Luc 12:13-15
     The question of the division of the wealth is always on the agenda. Whether it is between the members of the same family, between the classes of the company or between the peoples of the planet, it is a big problem, permanent. But does it belong to us, Christians, to take a stand with the one or with the other one, in this competition to increase each the share of the cake"?

     Today the question would maybe be put to the Lord in the following way: "master, you see my neighbor who lives in the luxury, thus tell him to share a little with me". But the answer of the Lord would stay the same: "who established me on you to be your judge and to make your divisions?"

      Does it mean that the Lord approves the injustice? Not at all, but his purpose is to establish, at the moment, the justice on this earth where we do not want of him. Jesus did not come to judge, but to save. But when he will come "how judge of the alive and the deaths", which will escape? Today, it is the favorable time to listen to its call and receive its grace.

       Although possessing any things, Jesus came to live in the poverty so that by his poverty we are enriched (2 Corinthians 8:9). Of what wealth? He gives free of charge the forgiveness of the sins and the eternal life to the one who believes in him. The big wealth of the believer, it is to know Lord Jésus.

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