The Bible speaks about you and about me (1)

"The man dies and is lying there; the man expires, and where is he? … If a man dies, he will relive?" Job 14:10, 14
"How will the man be just in front of God?" Job 9:2
"Me, I know that my redeemer is alive." Job 19:25

        Ah! These questions haunt my days and my nights … What is the direction of my life? Where from I come, where I go? Why the suffering and the evil? Would the story of Job give us an answer?

      This biblical character had an irreproachable religious life, and one day he saw his life falling over to an incomprehensible series of misfortunes. Then, he asked itself questions. When it all goes wrong, everything is questioned in our fragile spirits. In the suffering, Job allows to accuse God, to make him responsible for all its troubles. Is not it what we are doing all, more or less, some day? And so everything goes well, we do not often live as if God did not exist? Then we accuse it when the problems accumulate, without realizing even that it is contradictory!

        If you and me, us see ourselves in Job, we do not have more than to go up to the end of its approach: recognize that our life comes from God, who has no accounts to return us. If we lived without caring about what he waited of we need, now, to redeem ourselves. But we cannot make him ourselves. The faith of Job leaned on his "Redeemer", that is somebody who could pay to his place for its faults.

      For me, this Redeemer is a Jesus Christ, who came himself in this world to pay my ransom. There is a single mediator between God and the people. It is him, a Jesus. Seen in this way, my existence takes all its direction: I know that I come from God, that I go towards him, and that there is no fate in my life.

(Continuation next Wednesdays)

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