The Bible speaks about you … and about me (2)

"Be delighted of the woman of your youth …, be constantly in love by his love." Proverbs 5:18,19
"Be careful in your spirit; and do not act deceptively to the woman of your youth (because I hate the rejection, says ÉterneI)." Malachie 2:15,16

          "Love, love, when you hold" us, says the fable. Indeed, it is not our dream in all to find big love, then to keep him? The Bible, in a full of imagery way, dedicates a whole book on this matter, entitled: "the Song of Songs", write by Salomon.

         Is it utopian today to look for love which is not flash in the pan but which holds all the life? Love who grew up and matured with years without depriving anything of the enjoyments of a life as a couple?

         This vision of love between a man and a woman is the biblical vision of the marriage. And the Bible asserts that it is possible! It is not a question of giving regrets to those who did not live her, but to return justice to God who created this marriage bond for the real happiness of the couple. Love about which speaks the Bible never grows to the infidelity, which pulls the misfortune. She shows to us that conjugal love is a question of faith in what God wanted for the good of his creatures, not only feelings. God will renew and will maintain this love if we expect him. In other words, let us ask him with confidence and let us read together its Word.

         The Christ loved us in the point to leave his life for us. And every husband is invited to do the same with his wife: like him as himself (Éphésiens 5. 25-29). Let us take to heart, you and me, whatever is our current situation, to take the Bible literally and to return to its teachings, confident in God so that he helps us there.

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