The Bible speaks about you and about me (3)

"I saw all the works which are made under the sun; and well, everything is vanity and pursuit of the wind … What the man has of all his work? Because all his days are pain, and his activity is despondent; even at night his heart does not rest. It also is vanity." The Ecclesiastes 1:14; 2:22, 23

         Everybody has no privilege to have an employment. But everybody knows that, even unemployed, we can be allowed set by an activity in the point to sacrifice for her its time and its energy.

        In this part of the Bible which we call the Ecclesiastes, we find echos of the bitter feeling that we can feel when we gave everything for an activity: work, pleasures, entertainments etc.: finally, to what that is of use? I get tired, I believe in it and I do not see that time goes by, that the life passes. It is what is called to waste his/her time; and I arrive at this report: when we cross his life to waste his/her time, we also lose his life …

        By continuing the reading of the Ecclesiastes, I read this warning: "Be delighted, young man, in your youth, and that your heart makes you happy in the days of your adolescence but knows that, for all these things, God will bring you in judgment" (11:9). Because God gives you of time, you will have accounts to be returned to him. He will ask you how you used this time: for your personal interests or to please him?

        But are you capable of pleasing him? Each of your sins deserves the judgment. How can you escape this judgment? Believe in Lord Jésus and you will be saved. God will give you the strength to please him, to serve him. You will find, still in the Ecclesiastes, this encouragement not to waste his/her time, to seize the opportunities which God gives you to serve him: "the morning, sows your seed, and, in the evening, does not let rest your hand" (11:6).

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