The Bible speaks about you … and about me (4)

The Bible speaks about you … and about me (4)
"I am as a man who has no strength, being lying among the deaths, as the persons killed who are lying in the grave … I am locked and I may not go out … I do not know where I'm in." Psalm 88:4,5,8,15
"you will keep in a completed peace the spirit which leans on you, because it confides in you." ÉsaÉe 26:3
        Burn-out … Here is well a fashionable word. But if that's how it is, it is that he sends back to a reality. This English term indicates a state of exhaustion, often owed to an intense professional activity. If the word is fashionable, the disease, her, is not new, because … the Bible already describes her in old texts of several thousands of years! So, the author of the psalm quoted in header (and I with him, and maybe also you with him!) feels an extreme tiredness, he has no more strengths, he is as dead, subject to fears, he feels locked and, anyway, he does not dare to go out anymore. He even prayed, but apparently unsuccessfully … A working overload, accompanied by concerns of which we do not go out, and now we feel "emptied", and we is in the doldrums.

        However, when the Bible speaks about a problem, she tells us how God wants to solve him. The quoted psalm also mentions a God of safety. Yes, God saves, desperate situations! But then, why have we the impression, sometimes, that he leaves us without answer? Maybe to feel our confidence in him, while often we call upon him only when we are in the distress. He would want as long as we knew him as a Father who takes care of his children, who is interested in all the details of their life, rather than as a vending machine of deliveries, without there is of direct relation with him!

         Let us keep shouting to him, in the name of Jesus, with the certainty that he will answer us at the appropriate time and in the best way which is.

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