The Bible speaks about you and about me (5)

The Bible speaks about you and about me (5)
"The Eternal will support him on a bed of slowness. You will transform all his bed, when he will be sick. I said: eternal! Use grace to me, cure my soul." Psalm 41:3, 4
       Difficult to speak about the disease when the physical suffering is there, when the strengths decrease, when the doctor has difficulty in reassuring when we would like not to suffer any more, when we would want to cure, to resume his activities, to take advantage of his close friends, when we undergo even the words of awkward visitors to express their sympathy …

        Those who are sick can find in the Bible of the expressions or the narratives which correspond to the fact that they live, in their apprehensions. God will have then a word to give them some courage, console them.

       He will not be cured necessarily, although he can make him. He is sovereign and has no explanations to give us.

        However, I find in the Bible of the comforting words. Whatever is the outcome of the disease, God wants that the sick person experiences its presence and its care. He is the one who understands best the person who suffers, and who has the power to support her.

        There is nevertheless a cure which can be certain, it is the one of the soul. Jesus came on the earth as divine doctor. If he cured physical diseases, he especially wanted to save us from the fatal disease that is the sin. It is at first this cure for which it is necessary to wish, because we need it, and because she is assured all those who ask for it to him.

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