The Bible speaks about you and about me (7)

The Bible speaks about you and about me (7)
"They roamed by the desert, starved and distorted, their soul weakened in them. Then they shouted in the Eternal in their distress, and he freed them from the fears, and led them in a right way … That they celebrate the Eternal for its kindness, and for its marvels to the sons of the people!" Psalm 107:4-8
        It is about me that this text speaks! When I read this Psalm 107, I find myself in every verse. I feel so often lost, starving for happiness, thirsty for peace and for a life which is worth being lived … I feel so often humbled, tired. I was broken by a misfortune, in the distress, disorientated, to waddled sometimes I had drunk … To have the impression to be on a defused sea, without any more solution to survive …

       Yet the Bible asserts it, these experiences arrived at others before me. But what interests me more still, it is that many of those who lived them shouted to God, leaving aside their incredulity, their doubts, their own wisdom, their revolt against the Creator, as as a last resort. They shouted because they did not know what to do any more, because they had to lose nothing more, ready for anything to accept to go out of it.

        It reminds me I. Does it remind you to you, to certain situations discouraged of your life, to the situation in which you struggle at the moment, maybe? God wants to answer you, not by making all about which you dream, but by leading you "in a right way", about the only one who is the voucher. He shows you the Rescuer whom he gave you, Jesus Christ. He invites you to recognize in front of him that you went astray, and that you now need his forgiveness and its help. He invites you to trust him. The continuation of the biblical text shows us that by shouting to God with faith, we see the marvels of his love …

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