The Bible speaks about you … and about me (8)

The Bible speaks about you … and about me (8)
"I am as the owl of the sorry places. I watch, and I am as a solitary passerine on a roof … My days are as the shade which lengthens, and I become dry as the grass." Psalm 102:6, 7, 11
"you did not abandon those who look for you, O eternal!" Psalm 9:10
     What a situation that that of this man! Only in his pain, in the point to think that he cannot survive. He compares with an animal of the desert, with an owl, with a bird put on a roof … The rare people with whom he has to deal are against him and offend him. What a sadness! He is desperately alone, alone.

     Each of us was able, some day, to feel alone, abandoned. But when a similar situation lasts, when we do not of it see going out how, she becomes tragic.

     Maybe you knew this solitude? Maybe she corresponds to your situation of today? Maybe she lasts for a long time, and you do not see the end of the tunnel? In this case, we invite you to pursue the reading of the Psalm 102: God loves us and he listens to the prayer of the one who is sorry (v. 17). Jesus Christ, his messenger, the man-God, is the one who sees, who understands, who hears, who knows what is best for us. Him, the only one of whom we would have never thought that he could be abandoned one day, knew the most profound solitude which is when he underwent on the cross the rejection of the men and the women who did not want he. He was abandoned by God because he agreed to take your place and mine, that of a guilty being in front of God and deserving the eternal death. And he is now the one who/what answers the desperate person by a promise: Call "upon me in the day of the distress: I shall free you, and you will glorify" me (Psalm 50:15).

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