The conversion of Hudson Taylor

"(Anne, the mother of Samuel, said:) I prayed for this child, and the Eternal granted me the request which I made him. And also, I lent him to the Eternal; for every day of his life, he is lent to the Eternal." 1 Samuel 1:27,28
        Hudson Taylor, the big "apostle" of China, tells:
       "One day, I shall never forget him, I was fifteen years old and my mother was 130 km of the place where I was. I began looking in the library for a book to help me to spend the time … I made choice of an evangelic treaty, by telling me: there will be an interesting story, then a morality. I shall read the story, and I shall leave the morality … I sat down and began my reading, indifferent to any religious idea …
       I suspected hardly what took place at the same moment in the heart of my mother. In the afternoon, she had left the table of the dinner with an intense desire to see her son being converted. She went to her room, locked her door, and resolved to go out of it only when her prayer would be fulfillled. The hour after the hour, she interceded for me, until finally saint Esprit gives him the insurance that the conversion of his only son was a fait accompli.
     Meanwhile, I was occupied with reading my treaty. Soon, an expression struck me: "Christ's accomplished work" … If the work is carried out that I have to make? … At the moment, the light glitters in my heart by saint Esprit, and the merry conviction was given to me that nothing more was to make, otherwise to fall on the knees, to accept this Rescuer and his love, and to rent God for ever. While my mother thanked God, I made it so much in the old store where I had withdrawn to read my treaty."

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