The conversion of Paul Claudel (1)

The conversion of Paul Claudel (1)
"The word of the cross is madness for those who die, but for us who obtain the safety, it is God's power. We preach crucified Christ, … Christ God's power and God's wisdom." 1 Corinthians 1:18-24
          The writer P. Claudel (1868-1955) tells its conversion: "I was born on August 6th, 1868 … My family was indifferent and, after our arrival to Paris, became … foreign to the things of the Faith … I had made a good first communion which … was … the term of my religious practices. I was … educated … at the high school Louis-le-Grand. From my entrance to this establishment, I had lost the faith, which seemed to me irreconcilable with the plurality of the worlds … All which had a name in art, in the science and in the literature was atheistic … In eighteen years, thus I believed what believed most of said people cultivated of this time … when everything was subjected to the "laws", and when this world was a hard chain of effects and causes which the science was the day after tomorrow going to manage to untangle perfectly … I lived … in the immorality and, little by little, I fell in a state of despair.

           The death of my grandfather … had inspired me a profound terror and the thought of the death did not leave me. I had completely forgotten the religion and I was towards him/her of a wild ignorance … my usual state of asphyxiation and despair stayed … Such was the unfortunate child who, on December 25th, 1886, went to Notre-Dame de Paris to follow the services of Christmas there … The children of the control … were singing what I knew later how to be the Magnificat. I was … up in the crowd, near the second pillar … And this is when occurred the event which dominates all my life.

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