The conversion of Paul Claudel (2)

"But the things which for me were an earnings, I considered them, because of the Christ, as the loss. More still, I consider any things as a loss because of the excellence of the knowledge of the Christ Jesus my Lord … I was seized by the Christ."  Philippiens 3:7, 8,12
       "In an instant my heart was affected and I believed. I believed, of such a strength of membership, such an uprising of all my being, a conviction so powerful, such a certainty giving way to no species of doubt which, since then, all the books, all the reasonings, all the chance of an agitated life, were not able to shake well, nor to tell the truth to affect her … By trying … to reconstitute the minutes which followed this extraordinary moment, I find following elements …:" that people who believe are happy! If it was true, nevertheless? It's true! God exists, He is there. It is someone, it is the being as personal that I! He loves me, He calls me ". Tears and sobs had come … My philosophic convictions were whole. God had left them disparagingly where they were, I saw nothing to change it … the building of my opinions and my knowledge remained standing and I saw no defect there. It had only happened that I had gone out of it. A new and great Being … had shown himself that I knew how to reconcile with nothing of it that surrounded me … That very evening of this memorable day … I had taken a Bible … and, for the first time, I had heard the accent of this voice so soft and so inflexible which did not stop ringing in my heart … It's true, I admitted it with the centurion, yes, Jesus was Son of God … And imported what me the rest of the world with this new and prodigious Being who was to be revealed to me?"

Paul Claudel

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