The good question

The good question
"You are the God who reveal you." Genesis 16:13
"God spoke to us in the Son." Hebrew 1:2
      The existence of God is a subject on which each expresses gladly the opinion. Some by asserting scientific, old or new theories, to dispute the intervention of a Creator. Others by calling upon the disasters or upon the injustices: "there is no good God"
        Somebody will say: "does God exist?" Is it the good question? It is not more useful to wonder humbly: did God show himself in his creatures, and how did he make him? To stay in the question of its existence there can reveal him to us as a distant God, indifferent to the fate of the man. We feel then little concerned.
        On the other hand, if he showed itself, if he spoke to us, we have to take into account it. We are concerned by his message, and it is up to us to inquire.
       The Bible declares to be this message. The question that arises is thus: "did I acquaint with it?"
       It is thus a question no more than an intellectual debate, but a moral problem in which the honesty intervenes. Then a last question appears quite naturally: "do we really want to inquire and to read the Bible?" Not as a challenge, but rather as a call to discover God's love.
         Jesus invites us: "sound Writings, it is them who return testimony of me" (Jean 5:39).

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