the Gospel in the jungle (1)

"So how will invoke-they he (God) in which they have not believed? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how will they hear talk without someone who preaches?" The Romans 10:14

          Alan, a teacher at the University, and Ian, missionary, are neighbors in a city of Colombia. Alan disapproved "those missionaries who should stop wanting to change the culture of Colombians". Yet, it wants to accompany this time Ian who will visit the Christians in the jungle. The only motivation of Alan is to discover the jungle. Ian does him not cache the difficulties: hours of walking painful, risks, before reaching the hut of believers. And then, Alan will be-t he interested by the Biblical Studies of the evening? "Do not worry, I am boucherai the ears to not hear", being ironic Alan. Before this insistence, Ian finishes by accept, but pray to God with all lead.

       The day came, after having used different means of transport and made of long hours of walking, the two men finally reach a hut lost in the jungle. The poverty of the place contrasts with the joy of the occupants. Warmly welcomed, Ian and Alan share their modest meal. Then, in the evening comes, of neighbors arrive. Then begins an evening of singing, biblical messages and exchanges in the light of a candle summary: a wick plunging into a box containing the oil. Alan must, with one hand, hold the candle for that Ian can read the Bible, and the other away a cloud of insects attracted by the light. Impossible to ears in such conditions!

         After these moments shared in the joy, it is time for visitors to take a rest in precarious conditions before the walk to the next day.

(Continued tomorrow)

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