The Gospel in the jungle (2)

"All those who confide in you will be delighted, they will sing of enjoyment in always, and you will protect them; and those who like your name will amuse themselves in you." Psalm 5:11
"The enjoyment of the Eternal is your strength." Néhémie 8:10

         The next days, Ian and Alan visit other believers in the jungle. Alan is struck by the warm and thoughtful welcome which is made for them.

        - I cannot understand why these inhabitants of the jungle if poor seem so happy, wonders Alan on the way back.

        - Why? It is because they have Jesus Christ for Rescuer, they know that their sins are forgiven and that they have eternal life, answers Ian.

      There is a long discussion. This is the way Alan and Ian are going to exchange questioning and reflections, and little by little Alan is going to know finally for himself the happiness of having Jesus Christ for Rescuer, to know to be forgiven and for having his place prepared for the sky. The opponent of the distribution of the Gospel will soon become a clergyman convinced of the same Gospel.

       Why do the Christians wish to announce the good news of the safety to those who have never heard him? At first by obedience in the command of Jesus Christ: "go all over the world, and preach the Gospel in all the creation" (Marc 16:15). Then because they are convinced that there is a safety only in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12) and that they want to share this enjoyment to know to be liked by a Living God and full of mercy. However, to bring the Gospel has to be made in the respect for other one and in love which dictates the Gospel.

Jesus Christ died on the cross.
To save me he sacrificed itself.
To tell, to sing a so big gift, It is now my mission.

Collection of songs "Reflections"

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