The religion of Gandhi

The religion of Gandhi
"To whom will you compare me and you will assimilate me, so that we are similar? … I am a God, and there is not of other one; I am a God, and there is not for me." Ésaïe 46:5,9
       Gandhi ( 1869-1948 ) is known for its long collection of a satisfactory religion, its fights for the independence of India, its tragic death … He imagined a only god with whom every individual can enter into a relationship, by redeeming itself by the punishment and the fast. For him, "the religions represent different roads which converge on the same point. No matter if our ways are not the same, if we reached the same purpose. To tell the truth, there are so many religions as individuals".

      We cannot better defend the "right" of each to have the own religion! It is the feeling which meets frequently nowadays, when many people think that all the religions are equal. Some arrive there there because they were disappointed by diverse religious systems or by their followers; others having followed the false prophets who exploited them "with misleading words" (2 Pierre 2:3). Others else look for what corresponds best to their aspiration. They are disenchanted and say after Gandhi: no matter the religion, the only account drink!

       Will, to reach God, make up its own route in the meanders of its heart, leads to a dead end. There is only the single truth, the single foundation, the single way a single person for a single purpose. By becoming a man who lived on the earth, Jesus showed concretely that is the God Rescuer. He said: "I am the way, and the truth and the life" (Jean 14:6).

        Christ is the way: let us follow him. It is the truth: let us believe it. It is the life: let us receive him.

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