to first open the Bible

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 119:105
"Here is my comfort in my affliction, that thy word made me live." Psalm 119:50

       During a bible study with a group of young Christians, I had asked my shows on the table. The evening in returning, more shows! As soon as the first exchange, the next day, I ask if someone has found. No response, great silence… I take my Bible in my binder… and this is my shows, stuck between two pages. "Ah! Excuse me, it was not far away." The atmosphere relaxs and a young girl is heckling me since its chair with humor and a big smile: "It must always first open his Bible!"

       This joke can make us think usefully. Is it that our daily life has for framework the teaching of the Bible? Much more, when something goes wrong, our first reflex is it for us to remember what it has taught us about this? And when we are anxious, when we doubt, when we no longer know what to do, is it that we open first our Bible?

        "Your word is a lamp to my foot," writes the author of the Psalm 119. And, in another verse: "Thy word made me live". It is not to read the Bible as a code of good conduct or a book "magic", but as a path to meet God or remain in relationship with him. The Believer really has a permanent need of God! By his word, he comes to my meeting, he talks to me. It the fact by his Spirit who acts in me. Then, either it makes me aware that my way to live like him, and encourages me as well; either it leads me to see what I must abandon or search.

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