Watch out, danger of death!

Watch out, danger of death!
"The big day of the Eternal is close; he is close and hurries a lot … This day is a day of fury, a day of distress and anxiety." Sophonie 1:14, 15
"Get ready to meet your God." Amos 4:12
       A tower of the wall of Jerusalem collapsed suddenly; 18 people were crushed: tragic news item, as we see it today. But Jesus, contemporary of this drama, learns from it for us: it is an image of the judgment that deserve all the men to have broken God, and who will come on them if they do not regret (Luc 13:4, 5).

       We regret because we are guilty! And we are him all, because we closed our hearts in the voice of God and because we lived independently of him. We are guilty of having made, said, of thought of the opposite things of his will, so despising its authority. Much more, we are guilty when we reject God's love because it sent quite specially Jesus Christ, his Son, to free us from the judgment and from the condemnation. By love, God warns us all of the danger, and made proclaim the way to be freed from it. Jesus Christ is the path which it is necessary to follow to approach God, the truth which it is necessary to listen to and the life which it is necessary to receive by coming to him. We shall be saved only by the faith in him. This safety is free, it is offered by the God of grace.

       If somebody had been able to warn(prevent) 18 victims of the tower of the danger which threatened them, it would have been sheer madness from them to refuse the warning! Yet without God, our paths lead to the perdition. The death comes for all, and then the judgment and an endless punishment, far from God. Today, God presses you to accept his forgiveness and the eternal life in Jesus Christ.

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