Whom was I really? (1)

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"The word of the Eternal came to me, saying: before I trained you in the stomach of your mother, I knew you." Jérémie 1:4,5
         "I was born in Tunisia, within a Jewish family. In the 1950s, my parents came to live in Paris. This is when I began to have doubts about my identity. In 16 years, I went in Israel to live in a kibbutz during six months. It was an extraordinary experience which returned my deeper questions: whom was I really? A Jew been born in Tunisia, raised in France, always in search of its identity. Did I have to accept the culture of my parents, or I did have to become integrated into the French culture, and become simply a "sociological Jew", who had a Jew only the name and who rejected the traditions of his ancestors? In the kibbutz, I met Judy, a Christian come from Canada to discover the country of the Bible. I asked him questions on what she believed, and finally, I bought myself a Bible. The more I moved forward in my reading, the more I asked myself questions. And the answers followed!

           The Bible mentioned characters who were familiar to me, as Abraham, Moses or king David. I discovered that they had lived in connection with God. I was surprised, then captivated. It was a real click: I too, young Tunisian Jew, could communicate with God, and even have a personal relation with him! On the other hand, the image which I had of Jesus was deformed: I saw him as a non-Jew. In the course of pages, I discovered a rabbi very different from the man that we had described me: Jesus loved the Jewish people.

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